U.K. Politicians Exempt Themselves from Snooper’s Charter

Snooper’s Charter is the most extreme mass surveillance law in western democracy, and despite how, in general, there needs to be the most accountability and least privacy for government officials (compared to private citizens), the politicians have flipped that around in a major way with this measure. This is therefore yet another case of laws that operate against the public interest.

Politicians have exempted themselves from Britain’s new wide-ranging spying laws.

The Investigatory Powers Act, which has just passed into law, brings some of the most extreme and invasive surveillance powers ever given to spies in a democratic state. But protections against those spying powers have been given to MPs.

Most of the strongest powers in the new law require that those using them must be given a warrant. That applies to people wanting to see someone’s full internet browsing history, for instance, which is one of the things that will be collected under the new law.