Protesters Block Devos from Entering Public School

Devos is one of the worst and most dangerous appointments. Using public funds for corporatized and religious schools is against decency and the separation of church and state.

Protesters briefly blocked Betsy DeVos from entering a Washington, D.C. school Friday morning in her first visit as Education Secretary, one woman shouting, “She does not represent anything that [public schools] stand for!”

The crowd followed DeVos as she turned to leave, with another man saying she had bought her way into the position. (Indeed, DeVos made campaign contributions to every senator that voted in her favor.)

“You should be so proud of yourself,” he said, before shouting, “Shame! Shame!” as DeVos got into a car.

She eventually managed to get inside Jefferson Academy, amid a vigil organized by the Washington Teachers Union which saw teachers, parents, and other activists gathered to protest her confirmationthough they stressed they wanted DeVos to succeed in her role.

Representatives said they wanted DeVos to know that the union supports free public schools and equal opportunities for all children.

“When students are under attack, what do we do?” an organizer chanted at the vigil.

“Stand up, fight back!” the crowd answered.