Comedian Lee Camp’s Response to NY Times Propaganda

The New York Times has allowed neo-McCarthyist propaganda to be published about one of the best American comedians — Lee Camp of Redacted Tonight. He raises awareness about important issues that corporate media such as the New York Times do not cover enough. The New York Times has some excellent journalists, but they also have some horrible ones. As with other similar media companies, much of what would be said is constrained by the corporate ownership and government connections, showing the failure of the organization model.

The American public owns the public airwaves, but it has allowed the corporations to control them largely at a virtually rent free price. This is despite how TV networks are mostly a vast wasteland of ridiculous amounts of advertising, and despite how the vast majority of talk radio is right-wing nonsense. The public interest benefits at work with those are negligible.

The value of the digital television aspect of the public airwaves has been estimated at $70 billion per year, and again, that’s money that the corporations who currently control the public airwaves should pay — instead of paying basically nothing to the American public. Those billions could then be used in a lot of ways, though some of it should go to creating a broadcasting organization that focuses on the real issues. Focus on economic inequality, unchecked militarism, unconstitutional surveillance, the threat of nuclear weapons, corporate crime, gerrymandering, and breaking up the big banks would be a nice start.