10 Percent of U.S. Electricity Was from Wind and Solar in March

Increases in clean renewable energy are still needed, but a 10 percent marker for a month is a start. Solar jobs are growing fast, but the Trump administration is of course providing assistance to the toxic fossil fuel industry instead. There should have been a major public works program for renewable energy investment years ago, and today it would be even better economically.

So here we are in 2017 and this March, for the first time, wind and solar accounted for ten percent of U.S. electricity production.

In Iowa, 37 percent of the electricity comes from wind alone all year around.

There are now over 800,000 jobs in green energy in the U.S.

Solar jobs are growing 17 times faster than the general economy in the U.S.

After Trump reneged on the Paris Climate Accord, dozens of U.S. cities have pledged to go 100 percent green in their energy consumption, with Santa Barbara being only the latest.