Six Years of the CFPB Helping Consumers

Here are some of the main ways the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has helped consumers.

We created new “back-to-basics” mortgage rules to address the mortgage practices that contributed to the financial crisis. Our new rules protect people at every stage of the process—from shopping for a loan, to closing on a mortgage, to paying it back. Our ability-to-repay rule protects people from dangerous lending practices by requiring lenders to determine that their customers can actually afford to pay back the mortgages they are offered. Our mortgage servicing rules protect people from surprises and runarounds while paying back their mortgage, and provide additional protections for homeowners who fall behind on their mortgage payments.


Consumers have the right to clear, reliable information about financial products and services so they can make informed financial decisions. Our “Know Before You Owe” initiative is making information about mortgages, student loans, auto loans, prepaid accounts, and other financial products and services more understandable to consumers. Our website,, offers individuals answers to hundreds of common questions about financial products in Ask CFPB, as well as web tools to help you navigate the financial parts of big life decisions such as paying for collegegetting a car loanborrowing to buy a house, and retiring.