Mozilla’s Send for File Sharing

Mozilla’s file sharing service is one of the best initiatives the company has taken in a long time. One gigabyte of file sharing each time is a lot for its ease of use. Send also deserves praise for its privacy and security features, of course.

Though cloud hosting and local services like AirDrop have made sharing files much easier than it used to be, it can still be frustrating to get someone a file. Email attachments often cap out at 20MB or so. And while you can add something to a storage service like Dropbox, it’s then sitting there taking up space, with no indication of whether the file has been downloaded yet and is safe to remove.

Send gets around all of that. It supports files up to 1GB, and after uploading something, it’ll give you a link to send to someone else. That link will expire once they’ve downloaded it or once 24 hours have passed. So someone else’s procrastination is really your biggest limitation here. Files are also encrypted as they’re uploaded, and Mozilla says it “does not have the ability to access the content of your encrypted file.”

Mozilla is classifying Send as an experiment for now, so it’s possible that the site won’t be around forever. But the service already seems useful. And if it catches on, maybe it’ll stick around as a way to keep sending stuff.