Campaign Against Undeserved Tax Cuts

Coinciding with how world history’s richest country — the U.S. — has a 20% child poverty rate, the U.S. has some of the highest corporate profit levels in its history. The organization Americans for Tax Fairness is one of the organizations forming a grassroots movement to oppose the right-wing Republican plan of cutting social services as a tax cut for the wealthy.

Americans for Tax Fairness, a coalition of 425 endorsing groups united in support of a fair tax system, is launching a new campaign against Donald Trump’s and Congressional Republicans’ plans to slash taxes for the wealthy and corporations, which will threaten deep cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public education and many more critical services.

The online hub of the campaign is, where visitors can see how Trump’s proposed tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations would seriously harm working families.

For example:

The $1.9 trillion in proposed cuts to Medicaid and other healthcare services in Trump’s budget is similar in size to the $1.4 trillion to $2 trillion business tax cut Trump is proposing, which would benefit hedge fund managers and real estate developers like Trump.

The $193 billion in cuts to nutrition assistance in the Trump budget is similar to the revenue lost from Trump’s elimination of the tax on estates worth more than $5.5 million, which would cost $240 billion.

A $72 billion cut in services for people with disabilities will pay for half of Trump’s $150 billion tax cut on investment income for the wealthy.

The overall size of Trump’s proposed budget cuts, $4.3 trillion, is remarkably similar to the cost of the tax cuts that Trump is proposing – between $3.5 trillion and $4.8 trillion. It’s almost as if Trump had planned it that way!

“We can’t afford tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations that are paid for by cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public education and other services that working families rely on,” said Frank Clemente, executive director of Americans for Tax Fairness. “Side-by-side, there’s no denying it: Trump’s draconian cuts to services that will harm working families are intended to pay for his massive tax giveaways to big corporations and the wealthy. Helping the American people understand what’s at stake is how we will win the tax fight.” is an unbranded campaign hub that will provide resources for the public and allied groups in their fight against Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. It will include materials for organizers to use at protests, rallies, and town halls and provide regular updates on grassroots events and highlights from those events. ATF is coordinating a broad coalition of organizations mobilizing in Washington, D.C. and at the grassroots to oppose Trump’s tax giveaways.


Economic Policy Institute, Larry Mishel, President: “President Trump and Republican leaders in Congress will try to sell their tax cuts for the rich and wealthy corporations as a magic elixir that will create jobs and grow the economy. But they will generate neither economic nor wage growth for the vast majority. Corporate profits are already near record highs and corporate taxes as a share of the economy at record lows. It’s time they paid their fair share.”