Outrage to Neo-Nazi Response by Trump

The outrage expressed in how this news is dominating the headlines is evident.

Business Insider pointed out that Trump’s preferred method of engaging with the public—via early-morning tweets—has earned him a frequently-stunned audience of Europeans who are now grappling with a U.S. president who’s defended an ideology with a long, bloody history on their continent.

“In Europe, fascism is taken seriously,” wrote Jim Edwards. “Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Japan, Portugal, Greece and Hungary have all done time under Nazi or fascist governments…So to see a U.S. president say things like ‘there are two sides to a story’ when asked to condemn a white supremacist march that led to the death of a woman, is astonishing. Outside the U.S., this is beyond the pale.”

The Trumpian remarks are horrific in how they continue to support the irrational and dangerous activities of white supremacists and modern Nazis. They are words, not deeds, however, and so I think there should be more public outrage over more of what the Trump regime is doing and has done. Verbal support for despicable groups of Nazis is one thing, but actually being part of what implements a plan to wrongly transfer many billions of dollars from the poor to the rich is another.