Amazon’s 13% Tax Rate and Absurd Patent

Amazon pays a lower tax rate than what many Americans pay, and despite its CEO being obscenely rich, Amazon’s workers continue to be mistreated.

S&P Global Market Intelligence found that Amazon paid an average tax rate covering federal, state, local and foreign taxes of 13 percent from 2007 to 2015, according to analysis provided to The New York Times. That is a smaller share than the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock average of 26.9 percent, and the federal corporate tax rate of 35 percent, but on par with Mr. Trump’s proposed 15 percent rate.

Amazon has also been granted a patent that restricts consumer freedom in its physical stores, by either blocking or attempting to subvert search comparisons monitored on its Wi-Fi network. The patent is titled “Physical Store Online Shopping Control,” which is a worrisome warning about the future’s potential direction.