Low U.S. Public Trust in Drug Companies

The executives at Allergan are currently demonstrating why there’s such low trust in Big Pharma. Organizations in the pharmaceutical industry should ultimately exist to help people, not to profit off their suffering and vulnerabilities. If drug companies regularly fail at working towards public interest value, then their corporate charters should probably be revoked.

BRENT SAUNDERS, THE chief executive of Allergan, one of the largest pharmaceutical firms in the world, is concerned that Americans will become fed up and, in an era of increasing political polarization, come to embrace the single-payer health care plan being unveiled Wednesday by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

The candid thoughts were shared last weekend at the Wells Fargo Healthcare Conference in Boston, a gathering for investors and major pharmaceutical and biotech firms.

Americans have lost trust in drug companies, Saunders said, noting the industry consistently ranks lower than oil and tobacco companies in public trust surveys.