Israel’s Abuses of Palestinian Teenagers

There’s now more disturbing reporting on Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land and the human rights abuses associated with it. The U.S. should not be supporting these crimes with $3 billion a year and with some of its other resources, such as the ones from the NSA.

In the Dheisheh refugee camp, it is common to see Palestinian teenagers with deep scars dotting the length of their legs, while posters and murals of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces adorn the concrete walls – testaments to a disturbing reality of routine Israeli violence in the camp.

International law prohibits the use of live ammunition on civilians, except as a last resort during an imminent threat of life. However, Israeli soldiers freely fire live bullets at Palestinians during confrontations or military raids.

Both Palestinian and Israeli rights groups have noted that Israel’s excessive use of force on Palestinians has caused scores of permanent and temporary disabilities in the occupied Palestinian territory.