Wind Power is Now Less Expensive Than Nuclear Power

Another argument to replace fission nuclear power plants with clean, renewable alternatives.

The price of new offshore wind power has halved in just a few years, making it cheaper than new nuclear power, the latest government auction for renewable technology contracts shows.

New wind projects which will generate electricity from 2022-23 at a price as low as £57.50 per megawatt hour of electricity, 50 per cent down on prices in the first auction held in 2015.

A similar article appears in The Guardian.

Dong stands for Danish oil and natural gas. It was, like Shell and BP, involved in fossil fuel exploration and production. But in less than a decade it has become an 85% offshore wind company, and is divesting its coal, oil and gas interests. By 2023, Dong Energy will be very close to zero carbon. That is a pretty staggering transformation in a very short space of time.