Worst President in History Starts to Dismantle Healthcare for the Vulnerable

The cruelty continues, with insurance corporations being further empowered at the expense of the poor. Even though roughly half of Americans polled want the pathetic and disgusting human being known as Donald Trump impeached, that isn’t going to solve the core problems that are causing so much unnecessary suffering. The systems of power must be fundamentally altered for there to be an actual difference made.

President Trump has moved to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, after Republican lawmakers repeatedly failed to repeal and replace President Obama’s signature healthcare law. In a late-night announcement, the White House announced it will stop paying billions of dollars in federal subsidies to insurance companies to help cover low-income people’s healthcare plans. Experts say ending the subsidies will dramatically increase insurance premiums and could unravel the healthcare market. This came hours after Trump signed an executive order that would allow insurance companies to sell cheaper policies with few protections and benefits, a move that could also destabilize the current healthcare market.