New Gulf Coast Oil Spill May be the Largest Since 2010’s BP Spill

These environmental disasters would never happen if solar and wind power were used instead of fossil fuels. Meanwhile, the Trump regime is providing support for fossil fuels corporations and the U.S. government still gives at least $200 billion in yearly subsidies to them. The annual global subsidies for fossil fuels have been reported as being a staggering $5 trillion.

LLOG Exploration Co. reported 7,950 to 9,350 barrels of oil were released Oct. 11 to Oct. 12 from subsea infrastructure about 40 miles (64 kilometers) southeast of Venice, Louisiana, according to the company and the U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement. That would make it the largest spill in more than seven years, BSEE data show, even though it’s a fraction of the millions of barrels ejected in the 2010 incident.