Global Carbon Dioxide Levels at Record Highs

Another reminder of the threat that climate change poses to society. It’s unclear whether there will be technology in the future that will provide big reductions in the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and it’s a risky bet to rely on. And even if that technology is created, there will undoubtedly be areas effected by worsening climate change until then.

Ahead of the COP23 climate negotiations in Bonn, Germany next week, an annual bulletin released on Monday revealed that last year, the average global concentration of carbon dioxide surged at a record-breaking pace to the highest level in approximately 3 million years, renewing scientists’ concerns that more action is needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


“The numbers don’t lie,” said Erik Solheim, head of U.N. Environment. “We are still emitting far too much and this needs to be reversed. The last few years have seen enormous uptake of renewable energy, but we must now redouble our efforts to ensure these new low-carbon technologies are able to thrive.”

“We have many of the solutions already to address this challenge,” Solheim concluded. “What we need now is global political will and a new sense of urgency.”

Naomi Klein’s book This Changes Everything: Capitalism versus the Climate discusses many of these environmental details in depth. I plan on reviewing it on this site myself eventually.