Germany Replaces U.S. as the Country With the Best International Image

Another sign that the U.S. federal government is generally moving in the wrong direction. Make America “great again” is turning out to be better described as make America “break again.”

Germany has been named the country with the best “brand image” according to a new study of 50 countries.

It has leapfrogged the USA, which previously held the title.

The Nation Brands Index, conducted in association with independent policy advisor Simon Anholt, conducts what it says is the world’s most comprehensive global nation branding survey, combining six dimensions: governance, exports, people, culture & heritage, tourism, investment and immigration.

It considers factors such as how people perceive a country’s quality of life, business environment, tolerance and the public image of a country’s products and services.

The U.S. could learn from Germany and make its public colleges and universities tuition free. The $50 billion to $70 billion per year that would require could easily be covered by a financial transactions tax, or by what’s sometimes referred to in the U.S. as a Wall Street speculation tax. The public bailed out Wall Street around the crash of 2008, and now it’s time for Wall Street to bail out the U.S. public. If Wall Street doesn’t volunteer for that, they should be forced to, just as the U.S. population that opposed the bank bailouts by an 80 percent supermajority was.