Baby Formula Made by French Corporation Lactalis Recalled Worldwide Over Possible Salmonella Contamination

Salmonella affects millions of people every year.

Nearly 7,000 tons” of baby milk formula made by the French company Lactalis has been recalled over fear of salmonella contamination.

The recall affects all products made at a factory in Craon in northwest France since February 15, 2017, including some meant for export to Britain, China, Greece, Haiti, Colombia, and Peru, among other countries.

After 20 cases of salmonella were reported in early December among French children younger than six months old, 12 Lactalis products were recalled in the country. Upon the discovery of five additional cases of salmonella, the DGCCRF, a consumer-protection agency in France, ordered the expansion of the recall. The full list of recalled products, which includes brand names such as Milumel, Celia, and Picot, is available from DGCCRF’s website.

Though the recall does not appear to affect U.S. consumers, it may affect American businesses. A melamine contamination that killed six children in China led to improved business for American baby food exporters as consumers lost faith in domestic producers.

Lactalis is the world’s largest dairy company with global sales of 17 billion euros ($20 billion) in 2015. Its American subsidiary, Lactalis American Group, produces a number of popular cheese brands, including Président, Sorrento, Precious, Rondelé, and Galbani. These brands are not part of the recall.