A Note to Frequent Visitors/Followers of Enlights.org

If you look at this site on a fairly regular basis, it’s likely enough that you found it through my coverage of a specific issue. This is when I cover many different issues, as I attempt to enlighten others about what’s most important and relevant about them.

The point I want to make here though is that it might be weeks or even months before I post about what you originally found this website for. During that time I may post a lot of material on different subjects, as again, I am fortunate enough to have the ability to address a wide range of topics. If you’re going to view/follow the site, you should probably be aware of this scope of coverage though.

Sometimes I provide coverage of truths that can be unpleasant and of issues that are controversial in the mainstream. If you find a serious problem with this and no longer visit the site, I will probably understand, but know that it’s rare for me to engage in self-censorship.

The corporate mass media does a horrible job overall and I sometimes feel the need to compensate for their failures. For example, society faces the existential threats of climate change, nuclear war, and arguably even of the extreme inequality that perpetuates numerous problems. That those topics are covered as infrequently as they are by mass media outlets is an ongoing, corrupted, and irresponsible scandal to me.

This post will probably be updated at a later date, but what’s said here is adequate for now. If you have a question or comment, you can leave a comment below or send me an email or contact me otherwise.