Trump Regime’s Wildlife Advisory Board — Most Members are Repugnant Trophy Hunters

Yet another sick and disturbing part of what has happened to the American federal government over the last year. It’s disturbing to know how many people still support the immensely harmful Trump regime — as it continually enacts policies against their interests (such as the latest corporate welfare package for Wall Street) no less.

Instead of appointing scientists or conservation experts, the International Wildlife Conservation Council is composed almost entirely of celebrity hunting guides, representatives from rifle and bow manufacturers and, of course, wealthy trophy hunters who like to boast about all of their “Big Five” souvenirs.

After reviewing the backgrounds of the new council’s 16 board members, The AP found ten members of the council are high-profile members of Safari Club International, which is a hunting organization that lobbied hard against the (recently overturned) federal ban on elephant and lion trophy imports.


Yet several recent studies have suggested trophy hunting leaves already vulnerable animal populations significantly weakened. Even still, with such a one-sided council, it seems inevitable that the wildlife advisory council will come to the same conclusion as Zinke.

The story of damaging vulnerable animal populations often means that humans miss valuable potential insights about them. There are countless examples of these insights being beneficial, from venom being used to create medicine to the study of bats leading to the development of radar.