Nuclear Escalation Not Needed

Iran has recently switched to using the euro instead of the dollar and major military contracting stocks such as Raytheon and Lockheed Martin are up in the past few days. The stocks are up because the stock market measures the value of future expected corporate profits, and there’s an expectation that these corporations will receive more weapons contracts with another war. Also, there’s a history of military confrontations involving the U.S. (see Libya) with detachments from U.S. financial interests.

Iran — like North Korea — has threatened to build nuclear weapons as a deterrent against a U.S. invasion. Now Saudi Arabia, backed by the U.S. in the devastation it’s causing Yemen, says it will build one if Iran will. But if the U.S. wouldn’t be a militaristic threat to Iran, Iran has no reason to have a nuclear weapon. And more nuclear weapons simply equates to more risks of widespread annihilation.